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Free File Review and Proofing


A Proof is a printed or electronic (PDF) version of a printed piece. It provides a close representation of how your job will appear when it is printed. Proofs show bleeds, color breaks and image resolution so there is complete agreement about a particular file will look when printed.

Our complimentary file review allows our prepress department to check & fix your files and receive an electronic proof, before you pay a cent.

Free Proofing is suggested for:

  • New customers placing their first order
  • Customers who are unsure about correct file set-up
  • Complex multi-page projects with cross-overs
  • Agencies & designers that require client approval

If you are uncertain about how your file will reproduce, upload it using our free file review and we will check it for free! We inspect check over 30 critical areas of your file to ensure printing success, including:

  • Compare artwork dimensions to template
  • Bleeds
  • Fonts that are not embedded
  • Font sizes
  • Proper text spacing (compressed/expanded)
  • Text and images outside the safe zone
  • Image resolution
  • Color mode conversions (RGB to CMYK)
  • Image clipping
  • Page scaling
  • Line weights
  • Folding guides
  • Panel sizes
  • Compliance with USPS Mailing Guidelines
  • and much more!

(Please note: we do not correct low res images, typos, incorrect address, phone numbers, etc.)

Is there a cost for the Free File Review?
No, file review is absolutely free! Just upload your files and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are there any special procedures I should use when I create my files?
We highly recommend you download and use the appropriate template located on the bottom of the product page. For the best results save and upload your files as a PDF using our Job Options file.

How much time does it take?
Within 15 business hours someone from our prepress department will review your files and create either an electronic or hard copy proof. If your project has a deadline then to speed up the process we suggest you place and pay for your order and request a proof.

How will this affect my project production schedule?
Unless you have placed and paid for your order, File Reviews are not factored into turn times. Turnaround for a print job begins one you approve the proof is approved and payment in full has been received.