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Mailing Services

Prinveo is a one-stop shop for your mailing and printing needs.  We know you are busy, so let us save you time by printing, addressing and delivering the mail for you. Prinveo is designed to make your mailings hassle free as possible.

All lists submitted to us go through a validation process that includes:

  • CASS/DPV certification - This standardizes address to meet USPS requirements and applies the Zip+4 to your list
  • NCOA-48 processing - This identifies and updates addresses that have registered a move with the USPS in the last 48 months.
  • Presort Sortation - This sorts the mail so that it can get delivered faster by the USPS

Other features of Prinveo's mailing service:

  • No Paperwork - Prinveo handles all the paperwork for submitting your mailing to the USPS
  • Delivery Included - We drop it off at the Post Office for you.
  • No Mailing Permit Fees - We use our permit, so no permit fees are required by you.
  • Easy to use Templates - Use Prinveo's templates to make sure your mail piece is USPS Compliant
  • Two Mailing Class Options - Prinveo offers 1st Class Presort (500 Min) and Standard A Presort (200 Min) so that your mail can get there on time.
  • Non-Profit Rates Available - If you are registered with the USPS as a non-profit mailer please give us a call. Once verified you can mail at non-profit rates.

General Guidelines for meeting USPS requirements:

  • When looking at the mailing panel the Width of the Card must be Greater than the Height.
  • If mailing a folded postcard the folded edge must be at the bottom when looking at the mail panel
  • If mailing a newsletter the folded edge must be at the bottom and on the right when looking at the mail panel
  • Address placement is very important when designing a mail piece. Click on the image below for a pdf of the dimensions required for the address area:
  • UV Coating on the Mailing Panel side is not allowed by the USPS